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We tried to watch whatever movie was on, but ended up passing out on my couch. For a while I lay there, staring at the ceiling, and then fell asleep fully dressed. Statistically, it was in our best interest as a new couple to be in the clear about our health statuses.There was no physical contact other than his head resting pleasantly on my chest. According to the American Sexual Health Association, more than half of all people will have a sexually transmitted disease or infection at some point in their lives.

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When dating a new person, the STD question is bound to come up.

One of you might ask: “When was the last time you were tested?

He never held my hand, never wrapped his arm reassuringly around my waist, never did any of the real obvious, this-is-my-girl signs. I enjoyed his company and hoped something more serious would develop. Growing up poor, he said that he saw plenty of folks die of curable STDs they contracted due to drug use and other risky behavior, and it terrified him.

Then, one evening, we finished dinner and were ready to crash from overeating. I told him about how my uncle died of AIDS at a very young age — and how, as a child, I watched him wither away to almost nothing but bones.

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He wanted a healthy sex life with me and knew that meant having a frank conversation about STD testing. Does it matter that my e-mails ‘suck’ if I’m charming in person?

Our intimacy was much more enjoyable knowing for sure that both of us were clean.

” And you hope the other person is telling the truth. We would chat for hours about our interests and our families, simply taking our time getting to know one another.

Several years ago, I dated someone who posed the question earlier than I’d ever experienced; he demanded that we get tested, together, before he would even kiss me. Online chatting led to texting, which led to our first outing on the local oceanfront. “I do,” he said, “but I want to enjoy sex with you without worrying about stuff.” After a long pause and some prodding, he elaborated: “I want to be sure you’re clean.

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