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Find a nice jar and cut different colored paper into heart-shaped pieces.Write "I Love You" in a different language on each heart and place it in the jar. Add a nice ribbon around the jar and you have a wonderful jar of "Love" to give...If the park happens to have a small pond, bring along some dried bread or make a stop at a bakery on the way for leftover crusts to feed to the ducks and other birds.

When it comes to beautiful places to visit and share together, the great outdoors offers a large number of places to visit.

Use the natural scenery that exists where you live.

Either way, a bike ride makes for an excellent date with minimal costs involved.

It's important to make sure you plan the bike ride with your and your partner's fitness level in mind.

Then you can sit down to a board game or watch a video to cap off the fun.

If you both have bikes, a cycling trip can be great fun and great exercise.

If you live near the ocean, plan a trip to the beach.

If there are wooded areas near your residence, plan a walk among them.

Camping at a state or national park is usually inexpensive and even free in some campgrounds.

Camping will allow you to see nature, hike and explore the wilderness together.

The beauty of nature is all around us and it doesn't cost a dime to use it.

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