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Our theory here is that Hyper Dev can remove all the barriers to getting started and building useful things, and more great things will get built.First of all, of course we’re going to gold-plate the Aeron chairs in the office.As you type changes into the IDE, without saving, those changes are deploying to your new web server and we’re refreshing the web browser for you, so those changes are appearing almost instantly, both in your browser and for anyone else on the internet visiting your URL.

In 2008, Jeff Atwood and I set out to fix a problem for programmers.

At the time, getting answers to programming questions online was super annoying.

You can use that to get a link that you give your friends.

” There’s nothing special about the container we gave you; it’s a generic VM running Node.

So now your server-side code changes are instantly deployed, and once again, notice that you didn’t: You just changed the code and it was already reflected on the live server.

It’s just a SUPER FAST way to get running code up on the internet without dealing with any administrative headaches that are not related to your code.The best way to explain that is with a little tour.“What if I literally type ‘DELETE * FROM USERS’ on my way to typing ‘WHERE id=9283’, do I lose all my user data?Then we’re going to upgrade the game room, and we’re already sending lox platters to our highest-rep users.First, let me catch everyone up on what’s happening at Stack Exchange.That’s a little bit like js Fiddle or Stack Overflow snippets, right?

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