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Wu chun admits that he is married and has a daughter..Former co-stars angela chang (張韶涵) and ella chen (陳嘉樺), saying that they are.He occasionally appears together with Guan Xing to defend their home. After his father's death, he travels to Yiling for vengeance. Afterwards, Zhang Bao works together with Guan Xing in the northern campaigns at Jieting.

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Wu chun was born on 10 october 1979, birth name goh kiat chun, is a bruneian actor, singer.

In october 2013, wu chun publicly announced that he is happily married and has two children - a daughter and a son. 2007, romantic princess, 公主小妹, nanfeng jin (南風瑾), angela chang, calvin chen · the x-.

He is an adventurous youth who harbors a strong sense of responsibility and enjoys taking care of his friends.

Inheriting his father's caring nature, and combined his passionate personality often helps build morale for troops and allies alike.

He was designed to look like a "younger Zhang Fei ".

Designers add that he is the "good older brother" to contrast other cheerful characters in the cast.

In Wei's story, he appears to assist Guan Yu at Mai Castle. He also serves as Zhang Fei's substitute officer during the third title.

When Omega Force was thinking of new characters to add to Shu, Liao Hua and Wang Ping were considered choices. Tian Shi Reviews - Online Shopping Tian Shi Reviews on Aliexpress ...

With his sister, Zhang Bao's attitude rarely strays from his usual cheery personality, and is usually able to break through Xingcai's calm nature, but is occasionally seen as the passing down of their father's reckless behavior.

Wu chun admits to marriage and fatherhood | Wu ji zun or goh kiat chun ?

His younger brother, Zhang Shao, was the one who succeeded Zhang Fei.

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