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WSUS 3.2 cannot sync or distribute ESDs, and WS12/R2 can only do so if both KB3095113 and KB3159706 are installed on the machine, and all necessary post-install steps from KB3159706 have been followed.As folks have noted, these post-install steps [and the general way that this update was released] caused unnecessary pain and confusion.

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We'll choose a less disruptive strategy for future WSUS updates.2.

Clients have upgraded to 1706 using Anniversary Update, but cannot get Cumulative Updates This is a bug in the Windows client that will be fixed in an upcoming cumulative update.

Note that Configuration Manager will exhibit the same symptoms as each of the scenarios below.1.

WSUS 3.0 SP2 on WS08R2 SP1 (or unpatched WS12/R2) cannot download ESDs This is by design.

Problem #2 is that because of Problem #1, nobody can test anything with the recommended policies in effect.

Problem #3 is they expect us to figure out which of about a thousand settings is causing things to fail.(Granted I run/test a lot of MS OS's and apps, but 600GB wasn't enough.) Once I move it to v Sphere I'll be able to give it more space. They're (to our eternal frustration) trying be as close to the STIG recommendations as possible, and asked us to setup GPOs based on that for testing.Problem #1 is whoever is making those STIG recommendations has never, tried to use a PC bound by those settings, because it leaves machines unusable.#Define update criteria.$Criteria = "Is Installed=0 and Type=' Software'"#Search for relevant updates.$Searcher = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. The 1511 installs and goes through the Windows Update step without a hitch.The 1607 just sits for hours on "Downloading updates" without actually doing anything.Regarding Smart Drv's post, and the thread linked mentions it, I got it to work on my WSUS server by adding the MIME type to IIS. I think all I did after that was restart the WSUS Service and I was able to update my 1511 machines to 1607.

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