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) arrives to the house with her metrosexual boyfriend Dean May.Some are suspicious of the relationship because there are only two recent photos of Tara and Dean together on Instagram.

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At a bonfire where Reid has to confront both May and the things she hates about herself, it seems the Sharknado 4 star couldn't hold in her frustrations.

Tara Reid's Character Is Alive in 'Sharknado 4,' But How?

"I'm very bad at speaking things and saying things, and I just turn on the Dean thing that I do, and the character that I can become," May tells Reid in the clip.

"I just think that in my heart, you should know exactly how I feel about you, and know how much I love you." "How can I know when you're making all this show for everyone, and I'm not included?

“I just think that in my heart, you should know exactly how I feel about you, and know how much I love you.”“How can I know when you’re making all this show for everyone, and I’m not included?

To be partners and friends with you, all of the sudden it’s the Dean…show,” Reid lashes out, targeting May with a death glare.“Now I’m feeling stabbed in the back,” she says.It appears as if the therapeutic bonfire was anything but for this couple, as they may be on the verge of breaking up.“Let’s just end it, really end it then,” May declares to a clearly peeved Reid.“I’m not doing this. PHOTOS: Tara Reid Won’t Stop With the Bikini Selfies Reid’s experience on the show – and relationship with May – is clearly something she doesn’t want to discuss.I’m out,” she yells back at him, before running off. Earlier this month, the actress shut down an interview on Jenny Mc Carthy’s Sirius XM radio show with a cringeworthy insult exchange after Mc Carthy brought up the topic. In 2001, she reprised the role in American Pie 2, which opened to million and grossed over 5 million in the US, almost 50% more than its predecessor.Reid did not return for American Wedding (2003), but did reprise the character in the fourth theatrical film in the series, American Reunion (2012).Reid found her first taste of real mainstream success when she portrayed the role of the virginal Vickie in American Pie (1999), which grossed over 0 million in US.

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