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And then the next time you're in a cold place and you want to connect with somebody, you're not near your husband or wife, and you'll want to connect with somebody else.It's like actors get paid to have these flings for a month or two.and later graduated from Manchester High School West in New Hampshire.

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Meyers has been on Stewart’s show four times and they’ve “grown to like each other a lot.” The source says Stewart “definitely has a crush on Seth,” and it couldn’t come at a better time in her life.

The star-studded guest list included Seth's former Saturday Night Live co-star Jason Sudeikis and his fiancée Olivia Wilde; Kristen Wiig, Rose Bryne, Jake Gyllenhaal and his model girlfriend Alyssa Miller, Girls actress Allison Williams and 30 Rock's Jack Mc Brayer.'I tied [the ring] in a bow around our dog's collar,' Seth recently told People, adding that Alexi came home later than expected.

In July 2008, Meyers directed the web series The Line on Crackle.

In April 2011, Seth Meyers was the keynote speaker at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

You kind of fall in love with yourself in the eyes of this other person.

It's sweet because it reflects this want for romance and a relationship, but let's look at the statistics: In general, they're not pretty great, but for actors, it's pretty hard to make that work for a long period of time.

It's super weird, and it was especially weird with Chris Messina because his girlfriend, Jennifer Todd, is one of my best friends, so I went to New York to kind of have this screen affair with [the boyfriend of] one of my closest friends!

And we're all getting paid to do it, which is really weird. It was a total and complete surprise, and a great surprise. I know it looks like a very relaxed situation, but he was aggressively trying to get that bottle out of my hand and into his face. How do you feel about what they've given you to do over the last season?

and was raised in Okemos, Michigan from four to ten years of age, and Bedford, New Hampshire after that.

Meyers's mother, Hilary Claire (née Olson), was a French teacher, and his father, Laurence Meyers, Jr., worked in finance.

Like Seth Meyers has been my friend for ten years, and it's on my Wikipedia page that we dated because we went to one thing together and took a picture. There's just something about this crew of people and where we're going and what it feels like — and this is going to be a terrible metaphor, I can just feel it — that's like being in the middle of a black diamond course with all this momentum, weaving through trees, and then there's this big snowplow in front of you.

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