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I'm hoping that by then I have greater things in my life -- not that King isn't a great thing -- I just don't think that by then it will be for me, and I already did it. That's my official website, and it links you to my official social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

You definitely seem to be headed in the right direction business-wise. A fan page is one thing, and a fake page is another.

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Needless to say, Rosa is clearly very, very admired.

HNHH asks Rosa Acosta about dating rappers, being referenced in a Jeremih song, and her various upcoming projects.

Yeah, well I also own other businesses that don't have anything to do with entertainment. So if you guys want to know if you're talking to the right Rosa Acosta, go to the site, and it'll take you to the right place.

episode ‘Now or Never’ is all about taking chances with relationships.

After progressing to the Instituto de Cultura y Arte (ICA) and Ballet School of Norma Garcia, Acosta joined the national team.

In 2002, she was the youngest soloist on the squad, and she was twice nominated by the Secretaria de Estado de la Juventud for her achievement in Cultural Development. MUST READ: 40oz VAN: Interview With The New Digital Pornographer Fast-forward to 2012, and Rosa Acosta is an on-the-move celebrity.

HNHH: You're definitely involved in a lot of things right now. I try to put stuff out as much as I can, but it takes time because I do everything on my own from scratch. I've never dated a guy with a six pack or anything like that. That's not what healthy relationships are supposed to be. Are you still active in the entertainment industry? It's called Comedy After Dark, and I hosted it with Trina and another girl named Carolina Catalino.

I'm into fitness, but I don't require the other person to be fit, as long as you live a healthy lifestyle, I don't discriminate. Do you find your busy schedule gets in the way of relationships? We were basically introducing all the comedians and interacting with them. They're thinking of doing a second season, which will air later in the year probably. I have a few other acting and TV hosting projects here and there, but the modelling is very limited. There's a few magazines that I shot a little while ago that will come out this year, but I'm definitely not shooting any more magazines.

I've done plenty [of modelling], and you guys can still keep yourselves entertained with what I have out [laughs].

I'm only 29 now, but I don't want to be 37 doing the cover of King Magazine.

Rosa has proved her acting chops on “Los Blancos,” a Hot 97 online video series she’s compared to “The Sopranos,” and in November 2012, she’ll play a “sexy troublemaker,” according to Eben Gregory.com, in the Fuse TV series “The Hustle.” Before coming to America, Rosa Acosta was a member of the Dominican Republic’s national ballet team.

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