Who is kyra sedgwick dating

The revelation is delivered to the Hollywood couple during , are shown how their families are intimately linked to key moments in American history, including the Declaration of Independence and the battle to abolish slavery. ,”The “six degrees” game is based on the idea that Bacon’s extensive film and TV career means he can be linked to just about any other famous actor.However DNA analysis also revealed that Bacon, star of , are connected to each other. Gates Jr tells Bacon he is about to play his own version of the game.

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While they didn't end up together, things worked out for both actors in the relationship department: Broderick went on to marry Sarah Jessica Parker in 1994 and Sedgwick wed Kevin Bacon in 1988.

We wonder if their future spouses had any idea while shooting the breeze on the set of Still going strong!

But for such a big part, she needed to look amaze, so Sosie wore a form-fitting Rhea Costa gown with sheer details at the bodice.

Mom, Kyra, was glowing in her sleeveless coral gown and Irene Neuwirth jewels, while dad kept it simple and dapper! [ Filed under: Naomi Watts • Tom Hanks • Sandra Bullock • Emma Watson • Channing Tatum • Olivia Wilde • Zoe Saldana • Mark Ruffalo • Golden Globes • Liam Neeson • Emma Stone • Chris Hemsworth • Melissa Mc Carthy • Kyra Sedgwick • Seth Meyers The stage at this Sunday’s Golden Globes is going to have more stars on it than a planetarium ceiling! Could there BE any more talent on hand to present that night?

But Kevin and Kyra knew that love don't cost a thing.

He told "I'm not going to say it didn't have its emotional downsides.

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Coming clean with their young love, the pair said they "went back and forth a few years" — getting so close that Broderick even pointed out Sedgwick's mom Patricia in the audience.

We already told you about the first round of AH-Mazing celebs scheduled to hand out awards. Kyra Sedgwick was being a healthy human on Saturday, but while she was prepping her food, she sliced off the tip of her finger. The actress’ husband Kevin Bacon rushed her to the emergency room and then promptly posted a pic (above), saying: We wouldn't take such issue with this dress if it weren't for the fact that she ironically has a tattoo right in the middle of the side slit. Because we don't think we've ever seen it make an appearance on the red carpet before.

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