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In 1904 the pen clip was invented to allow a pen to be held in the pocket or "clipped" onto an object.The same year also saw the development of the first complete inkflow-proof retractable pen.The Waterman company was acquired by the Bic company which went public in 1958 with a reverse merger; Bic would later sell off the Waterman division.

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Many Waterman models have become highly covetable and well-known, part of many a pen connoisseur's collection.

However, Waterman never sacrifices function for the sake of good looks - you'll find technical craftsmanship and excellence are paramount at Waterman's design centre at Saint-Herblain.

The most common models from the hard rubber era are the #12 slip-cap eyedropper, the #52 screw-cap lever-filler, and the #42 retracting-nib safety pen.

Though largely ignored by present-day collectors, the Waterman C/F of 1953 introduced the modern plastic ink cartridge.

As the 20th century wore on, Waterman's conservatism allowed its younger and more innovative competitors to gain market share—Parker, Sheaffer, and Wahl-Eversharp, in particular.

By the later 1920s, Waterman was attempting to catch up; it continued to struggle through and beyond World War II before finally shutting down in 1954.

The careful combination of specially selected precious metals has come to create awe inspiring writing equipment, beautiful accessories to adorn any hand, desk or pocket.

As one of the last remaining original fountain pen companies, Waterman Paris offers you one of the most beautiful luxury pen selections in the world.

Striking clean design and noble materials come together for a delightful writing experience to inspire your most creative thoughts.

What better accessory for that lively imagination of yours?

In 2011, the Parker factory at Newhaven, East Sussex, England was closed, and its production transferred to Saint-Herblain, France.

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