Video dating fat kid

Remember this isn’t a secure adult deciding to pop along to a slimming class - this is an impressionable, vulnerable child.

To get to the root of the problem it's vital that we as a society take a good hard look at how we treat food and dieting in general.

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School PE lessons were a weekly exercise in torture.

In the changing rooms or on the pitch, you’re laughed at because you’re different. And it’s the shame you take with you into adulthood, long after you've learnt to control your weight and your impulses to overeat.

It’s typical that when a child has a behaviour restricted, they do the precise opposite as soon as they get the chance. I went from seven and a half stone at the age of 11 to a massive 17 stone by the time I was 16, even though I was a mere 5’8 in height. It was presumed by everyone that I was just being greedy, and rebellious, and that I needed punishing.

It’s only on reflection that I can see - with complete clarity - that I was eating not only because I was free to do so, but because it was a symptom of my unhappiness.

"I’m chubby and the whole of my husband’s side of the family is big.” I beg to differ.

If she is being questioned by police because her son, who is 5'1, and close to double his healthy weight - and has been excluded from certain school activities due to his size, that's a very big deal indeed.A fat childhood can haunt you for the rest of your days.That feeling of being pre-judged by others and shamed by your appearance never goes away, especially when it takes root at an age when you’re just not equipped to deal with it.Like many bullying victims, I coped by becoming the class clown, with an arsenal of witty one-liners at my disposal. I was still ashamed and I still felt an overwhelming urge to run away from all those horrible things I heard as a child, not realising the voice that was repeating the insults and put-downs was now my own.I had grown used to hearing the other kids laugh, but now I could launch pre-emptive strikes, making jokes at my own expense. That’s why it’s so important to discover exactly why the boy in the recent news story - and many other kids like him - are so overweight, so that something can be done to help them before they end up badly scarred.Because I believe we have all been woefully let down by governments who would rather arrest ill-educated parents of fat children than put basic safeguards in place to stop people making bad lifestyle choices. Because governments appear to have no idea on nutrition, and continue to allow all of us to be duped by a “diet” industry that’s actually making us fatter.

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