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As such, lamination will not prevent us from legalising your document(s).

[Return To Top]In most cases, we do not require identification documents to be able to legalise your documents.

In cases such as these, the FCO will ask your solicitor to send a copy of their signature so they can add it to their database, which naturally leads to a delay in processing.

For example, documents such as birth or marriage certificates will not require certification, whereas passports or educational ones usually will. If you need some help when classifying your document in a category in order to place an order, do not hesitate to get in touch.[Return To Top]If your document needs translation before or after the legalisation process, we can also handle that for you.

You can have your document translated into over 170 different languages by our professional translators, who always work in their mother tongue.[Return To Top]In most cases we will require the original document to legalise it.

If you would like this option to be added to your order, simply choose the collection option during checkout.

You will be required to print out a shipping label to give to the courier upon collection, and we will email you a link to our courier to arrange the collection for a time convenient to yourself.

If in doubt you should check the requirements with whoever you need to present the document to.[Return To Top]Our service will allow you to legalise, or attest, any UK-Issued document for use outside the UK.

We can also carry out the process for documents issued in Ireland or British Overseas Territories such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands or Bermuda.This would include applying for a Visa, Drivers Licence, Passport, Medical Registration etc outside of the UK.This process is not usually needed if you are applying to an overseas British authority such as a British embassy or High Commission, for example when applying for a replacement passport to your own embassy.Additionally we can legalise documents issued within a British Crown Dependancy (Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and the Isle of Man).Check our Documents we can Legalise page for more information on the document types we can process.[Return To Top]Although the process may vary depending on the country you need to have your documents prepared for, or the kind of documents you are processing, the Attestation and Legalisation process usually includes: the certification of the document by a solicitor/Notary Public, the addition of an FCO Apostille, and further Consular Legalisation by the country where the document will need to be used.[Return To Top]The legalisation of documents will not only vary depending on the country you need them processed for, but also on the kind of papers you need to have legalised.If this applies to you, we will contact you to arrange this.[Return To Top]Vital Legalisation consists of a team of specialists.

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