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A foreign licence may be used to fly an aircraft registered in the same state as the licence while in Canada.

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In order to attain a student pilot permit, a student must sit and pass the PSTAR examination.

The gyroplane pilot permit allows the holder to fly a gyroplane.

Pilot licensing in Canada is administered by Transport Canada under the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Other than when flying a hang glider or paraglider, a person may only operate a Canadian-registered aircraft or act as a flight crew member in Canada with a licence or permit issued by Transport Canada.

There is no blanket type rating for two-seat gyroplanes and a type rating is required for each specific model of two-seat gyroplane.

The ultra-light pilot permit is endorsed with a blanket type rating for all models of ultra-light aeroplanes.

The advanced ultra-light aeroplane (AULA) has stricter design requirements and includes passenger carrying if the pilot has an ultra-light pilot permit endorsed with the Passenger-carrying—ultra-light aeroplane rating.

Holders of this permit may also fly certified or homebuilt aeroplanes that meet the weight and stall speed requirements of an ultra-light aeroplane.

The recreational pilot permit—aeroplane is designed to make flying more affordable.

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