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Upon their next renewal, cardholders will receive a card that does not indicate sex.An Ontario health card that does not show sex designation is valid.Service Ontario has informed holders of the old red-and-white card with a letter (paper letter) that it is time for them to make the change.

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The face of these cards has changed, but the way they work is the same.

As always, health care providers are reminded to validate a patient's health card number at the time of service.

For most of us, our Ontario driver’s license, and a valid passport will do nicely.

To make the switch early, read this Service Ontario web page first, and book an appointment at a convenient Service Ontario location.

The old driver’s license is thus worse than useless.

It will unpleasantly surprise you when you use it as a valid piece of identification, but it serves as a false sense of security in your wallet. It is acceptable and official identification in Ontario for voting, travel and other purposes, and you can get it at any Service Ontario location.

It is important for you, your family and your friends to ensure that your identification documents are up-to-date.

I am unpleasantly surprised when visiting seniors at our seniors residences to find that a person who has long ago stopped driving is still carrying an out-of-date, expired Ontario Driver’s license with an address on that card at which the individual has not lived in years.

Most residents of western Mississauga have received written notices to upgrade the old red-and-white Ontario Health Card. There are many more active health cards in circulation than there are living Ontarians.

The Province needs to look after Ontario residents, but to update it to the new version as quickly as you can.

For example, if you use your Driver's Licence for section 2, you cannot use it again for section 3. For example, if you have changed your name, you may need to show a marriage certificate or a change of name certificate.

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