Updating old homes

This trend enables security systems to control thermostats and lights switches, for example, without having to be physically wired together.Today, entire home automation systems can be installed without adding cabling, which makes adding one a feasible home improvement project.

Total bathroom reno cost: $520.50^One thing is for sure: bright blue in the bathroom isn't for everyone.

The bathroom below needed to appeal to a wider market, so a few simple and inexpensive changes were made.

And the best thing is, any capable DIYer can easily install them.

Just like a new coat of paint or updated countertops, electronic systems should be part of a remodeling plan. Census Bureau, homeowners spent $130 billion on remodeling projects last year, and it’s not only cosmetic upgrades that are driving the upswing in remodeling.

Another trend pushing technology into remodeling plans is the availability of modular systems.

These are the types of systems that can be installed to provide basic features at first, but can be easily upgraded and expanded later as a homeowner’s needs grow and change.One of the most notable is the increasing number of manufacturers choosing to incorporate into their products wireless communications technologies such as Z-Wave and Wi-Fi.The adoption of Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and other wireless standards stretches across all product categories.Dimmable lighting is always a good place to start, as it can impact so many facets of a home.Simply swapping a standard light switch for a dimmer switch can make a huge difference in the way a room looks, and save some energy to boot.The shower screen, fully installed, cost a whisker over 0.

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