Updating maps for garmin nuvi new york city dating coach

It also means that with no cable, you also get no traffic data, though the Nuvi still remains usable for navigation for a few hours via its internal battery.

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The Nuvi features an internal accelerometer of some sort and its display can rotate between portrait and landscape orientation for the maps and menus.

Along the bottom edge of the Nuvi 3597LM is a small slot where a micro SD card can be inserted to increase storage for downloadable maps and updates.

The cradle attaches to the Nuvi with a powerful magnet, for easy one-handed mounting and dismounting, and attaches to the windshield or other smooth, nonporous surfaces with a strong lever-activated suction cup.

The last bit of hardware is the power cable, which converts your car's 12-volt power source into a 5-volt charge usable by Nuvi and connects to the cradle with a Mini-USB connection.

Tapping it again causes the device to instantly reawaken.

For those times when you need to shut the Nuvi down for extended periods of time, such as when packing it for travel, holding the power button for a few moments will totally shut down the device.

The cable also powers the cradle's loudspeaker and integrates the FM/HD Radio antenna that receives the free, lifetime over-the-airwaves traffic data that transforms the Nuvi 3597LM into the Nuvi 3597LMTHD that I tested.

The upside of integrating the antenna into the cable is that it makes a thinner device possible.

The hardware On the face of the Nuvi 3597LM, behind a capacitive glass panel, shines a crisp 5-inch TFT screen that is gorgeous.

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