Tips for consolidating credit card debt

While the rates can be high if your credit isn't great, those looking to turn their financial lives around will benefit from regular reporting of on-time payments to the credit bureaus.Avant Credit offers unsecured loans with a maximum loan amount of ,000 and APRs starting at 19 percent.Whether you owe student loans or carry a balance on your credit cards, the impact of debt can be felt in many areas of your life.

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The best way to consolidate debt varies by individual, depending on your financial circumstances and preferences.

For some, the best way to consolidate debt may be paying off smaller balances first and then adding those payments to the bigger bills until those are paid off.

Since there are other forms of debt, people might be looking for an option other than a balance transfer.

Some credit card debt may be too much to transfer to another card, which is where personal loans step in.

If you don't get funded for the entire requested amount, you can either accept or re-list it to try again. Lightstream offers astonishingly low interest rates for debt consolidation loans (5.99 percent - 9.99 percent) and has a maximum loan amount of $100,000.

The downside is that you need to have excellent credit to borrow.Personal loans are multipurpose, and the money can be used as needed to pay the debts and then pay off the loan -- hopefully with a smaller monthly payment and a longer repayment period.Which personal loan services are best for debt consolidation?Others might consider transferring balances to one credit card or getting a consolidation loan.However, consolidating balances to one credit card or using a loan can be risky because, if you need to borrow additional money, it may be tempting to use one of the accounts with a zero balance.Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending service that offers a loan process which is quite different from the traditional bank experience.

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