Stuffed animals dating dating fender bassman amp

I love stuffed animals, I love getting more crap to put on shelves, I love no thanks. Now if somone wants to buy me a yellow lab pup from a good breeder, I'll take that.

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It's like you have the world at your finger tips, if the world was super soft, cute, and cuddly!

Thousands of stuffed animals, hundreds of different species, one awesome website for all of your plush needs. If you need any assistance searching through all of these incredible plush toys just give us a call and we'll gladly help you choose the best stuffed animal for you!

We offer stuffed toys by all of the top manufacturers in the business like Aurora, Gund, Hansa, Wild Republic and many more.

Each manufacturer has its unique style, specialty, and selection.

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dont expect "insert stereotype adjective most/many/some" men woouldnt "really" like it.

I wouldn't particularly care for the stuffed animal itself, but it'd be a nice reminder of the girl who gave it to me. But I would most certainly appriciate the thought of such a gift.

If you want to give a token of effection or esteem, make it something that means something, no matter what it it has never crossed my mind to give a guy a stuffed animal....heck I'm a girl and I'm not overly fond of them myself (have you ever noticed what beady little eyes some of them have?!?!

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