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There are all sorts of parameters now that didn’t exist before. I guess it’s just a matter of the machine getting more greedy. It’s such a beautiful thing that has basically gone extinct. I think it brings you closer to yourself, and also, it can be incredibly inspiring and educational outside of that. LM: I definitely feel as though there is a sense of narcissism about that.

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This is a person I’m marrying and am going to be with for the rest of my life.

But if you can feel that unbounded awareness without a formal document… For the majority of our relationship, it wasn’t even possible to get married.

Then she said that she was in Dubai to launch a saree shop.

But strangely, she had no pics and details about the event.

In a sense I now feel very married to him in his business. I worked for a few other brands before starting my own.

I don’t come to his office everyday, but I do feel very much a part of the enterprise, and I’m very committed to its success. I was the head of shoes and accessories at Donna Karen for a decade.

Today is my birthday and my husband, who was far away from Mumbai shooting (in Uttar Kashi), paid a surprise visit in the morning.

We are very much in love and happy after 12 years of marriage.” Well, that settles it.

He was instead interested in the way things were made. You were wearing a perforated green Gucci jacket, which I think I fell in love with before I fell in love with you. PA: We were watching the Oscars on a couch with ten other people, so we were sitting within close proximity to each other. Now it’s like, this is the jewelry contract, and this is the ready-to-wear contract, and the ready-to-wear contract is coming from an accessories house.

So, you don’t have to wear their accessories but you certainly can’t wear the accessories of the competing conglomerate. I think it’s important for people — even outside of amorous relationships, even in platonic relationships — to feel and understand difference.

LM: What have you guys found to be the most challenging part of being in a committed relationship? We’ve been together for 12 years, but our lives have changed so dramatically over that time. I think it’s conditioned by being human and by living in NYC, what that does to the inherent structure of your life — what you do, how you move, where and how fast you go — there’s a rhythmic thing that happens here.

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