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We will get to know each other, and we can have a better development. My hobby is I like sports, like yoga, I will go to Hi, my name is yang.

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Gong Haiyan, also known as Xiao Longnu, has perhaps been the person most instrumental in this revolution, founding China's first major online dating service, now called Jiayuan.

As she was undertaking her post-graduate studies at Shanghai's Fudan University, her parents back in Hunan were worried that she was heading into the latter half of her 20s without the prospect of a husband, becoming a dreaded shengnu, or "leftover woman."Though Gong attempted to meet people online, she found China's online dating infrastructure to be lacking, and so she started China's first major online dating service, now called Jiayuan.

Online Dating Tips from Gong Haiyan Jiayuan tip for women: Don't passively wait to be contacted.

Taking the initiative by sending potential mates messages shows you are serious about finding love.

Last year the company was expected to top RMB 100 million in revenue and according to the Jiayuan website, their customer base now includes 30 million users, and 4.5 million people have so far found a match.

But is seems the secret to Gong's success runs deeper than simply being in the right place at the right time with the right idea.Shanghai Expat Personals is an upscale dating service that caters to successful international singles.Our international member base includes over 5 million members from over 200 countries.Also, make sure it is worthy of you before you spend money and time to it because it is useless to go, meet and decide that you two are not meant for the other.This is a good choice for those starting out and would not want to risk too much.Though she didn't have any technical experience when she started Jiayuan, she did have the art of matchmaking in her blood.

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