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All the planning and fund-raising for the Ecuador trip was done while she was studying for her exams.Lisa is an only child and her parents, Hilary and Robert, both graduates of Bristol University, said that they were delighted.She is unusually intelligent, extremely kind and motivated by strong, ethical principles.

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A-levels are so well-regulated that I don't think it is possible for standards to fall that much." In Oxfordshire, Matthew Lloyd, 18, who attends Abingdon School, an independent, has six As after adding As in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Electronics to those he gained in Maths, three years ago, and Further Maths, two years ago.

Matthew, who is going to Queen's College, Cambridge to read Computer Science, produced a school play, Another Country, and carried on playing the piano and singing in a rock band while he studied.

For all that he brings to the business, Simon is not a funeral man, he is an outsider.

He takes nothing for granted and constantly questions.

She really is one of the nicest people you could meet, very down-to-earth – and not a bit funereal.

Anne does not customarily conduct funerals but is always there for anyone who wants their funeral conducted by a female. Five of them are in old buildings, which he has restored with expertise and stunningly good taste.

A GIRL who yesterday scored six A grades at A-level is heading not for a career in academe but in the film industry.

Lisa Hall, 18, produced the sets for three major school productions during the final year of her A-level course.

The band's name, Judd's Paradox, is taken from a line in the play.

"We don't have any conscious influences but I suppose we sound quite like Radiohead, who also went to Abingdon School," he said.

Anne’s husband, Simon, is an electrician by trade and a builder of considerable talent and taste. The best description might be ‘contemporary antique’.

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