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She lived on campus, attended classes during the day, and worked the local poles at night, a routine that took its toll.

"I was falling asleep all the time in class," she says.

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"I guess it was because of my personality."After a series of fast-food gigs, she ended up waitressing at Hooters, and from there she moved on to the more lucrative world of strip clubs.

Her parents couldn't afford to send her to college, so she deferred admission to Johnson & Wales University in Miami and stripped at local Maryland spots for two years.

Eight million Instagram followers devour her posts, and not since Kanye has there been a more talked-about infiltrator of America's most infamous family.

Part of the fascination undoubtedly derives from the prominence she so quickly obtained.

"She's probably among the top five most driven people that I work with."It's this same ambition that has caused some to question whether Chyna's love for Rob is the real deal or little more than an elaborate PR move designed to turn her into a household name.

In May, following the announcement of Chyna and Rob's engagement, Buzz Feed writer Sylvia Obell penned a lengthy thesis attributing ulterior motives to Chyna's maneuvers: "Chyna was making calculated moves to close in on her own empire with a precision and finesse that not even the Kardashians saw coming….

Vintage coat, see for details; Fleur du Mal Satin Buller Bra, 5;; Fleur du Mal Satin Buller Satin Hiphugger, ;; Wolford Individual 10 Stay Up, ;; "Wigs are my best friends," she says as she strokes a luscious black bob that sits atop her head.

"They let you be whoever you want to be." The shoot commences and Chyna slips out of her casual duds and into lacy black lingerie.

Her agent, Sujit Kundu, says that Chyna currently "commands in excess of ,000 for an appearance." She oversees an activewear company, a makeup line, and a beauty boutique named Lashed.

"If everyone I worked with had her hustle, my company would be a thousand times bigger," Kundu says.

But now you her future baby's aunt." If you're having trouble keeping up with the Kardashians' convoluted family tree, here's a quick primer: Rob Kardashian knocked up Kylie's on-again, off-again boyfriend's baby mama—Chyna. So was it love or opportunity that brought Chyna into the Kardashian orbit?

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