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The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who stalked parts of Northern California from December 1968 through October 1969.

Through a series of cryptic letters he sent to the press and others, he disclosed his insanity which motivated the killings, offered clues to future murder plots and adopted the name Zodiac.

Witnesses noticed the young couple huddled together in the front seat of Faraday's Rambler station wagon between around and p.m.

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Serial killer dating game youtube

Naomi is being blackmailed by Heather and doesn’t want the secret to come out about the two sisters. The person who just tried to kill Elizabeth will eventually be revealed on but there will be plenty of speculations until then.

These two mysteries may hang on for a while before everyone else in Port Charles figures them all out.

For unknown reasons Crow sped away in the opposite direction.

The Chevy turned around and followed the couple, but was unable to keep up after Crow made a sharp right turn at an intersection.

They were discovered lying outside their bullet-riddled car.

Betty Lou was found several feet from the car, dead from five gun shot wounds in the back. He had been shot at close range in the head, but was still breathing. Detectives had few clues to go on although there was an earlier confrontation in the same area.

Another big reveal happened on Monday, which has put Elizabeth Webber in danger. On Monday’s episode of Heather confessed to Franco that Elizabeth has another sister.

Her secret sister just happens to be Hayden Barnes, the one person who she hates the most right now.

She was thinking about her run in with Hayden Barnes and how she would turn over the diamonds that she found to have her arrested.

Once Hayden discovered that Elizabeth was in possession of her diamonds, she ran to During the argument that these two women had, Hayden ended up slapping Liz across the face.

The only people who know about Hayden and Liz being half-sisters are Heather, Naomi, and now Franco.

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