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At first, Naruto was just a loudmouth brat with only the bare minimum requirements to become a ninja.Over time however, he has progressed well above his peers on a combination of the nine-tailed fox's latent energy and his own iron will. Plenty of bystanders and even some enemies have been inspired by Naruto's bravery and he has even had a bridge named in his honour.Hinata Hyuga is a girl who started off as really shy and would faint every time Naruto was near her.

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This shocked Naruto as Hinata's strength has improved, when Hinata receives an attack she falls to the ground.

Naruto was about to jump in after Hinata but Shino stops him and tells him to have faith in Hinata as she is strong.

When Sasuke defected, Naruto promised Sakura that he will bring him back as he knew how much Sakura loved him.

Sasuke defeated Naruto in a battle but left which Naruto disappointed that not only did he fail to save his comrade from leaving but also couldn't keep his promise to Sakura.

After saving the village from the invasion of Pain, Naruto finally earned the respect of his fellow villagers.

After going up against both Madara and Tobi, even the nine-tailed fox begins to come around.When Sakura confessed to Naruto she loved him, Naruto knew right away she was lying because she had always loved Sasuke and she was trying to get him to forget his promise of bringing Sasuke back.During the war, Naruto and Sakura protected each other and fought along side Sasuke and Kakashi against Obito, Madara, and Kaguya.Naruto told Hinata before his victory that he finds Hinata weird but he likes people like her. One of the bug kidnappers mentioned that Naruto's 'girlfriend Hinata' is probably dead which enraged Naruto and almost caused him to tap into Kurama's chakra.However, just when Naruto was about to get killed, Hinata saves Team 8 as well as Naruto.He strongly believes in the inherent goodness of people, even when it seems hopeless.

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