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'Blue Valentine' was originally rated NC-17 for the scene where Ryan Gosling goes down on Michelle Williams (the film later got an R rating after protest), and Ryan tells UK's Guardian that people got sensitive about that scene just because it was authentic."I thought, 'I've never seen that before in a movie and I'm proud to be the first. "As the woman in the situation that was in question, I found absolutely nothing scandalous, tawdry or disgusting about it.""Most movies when you're acting you're trying to block out the lights and the trailers.Here, you had to remind yourself you were making a film," he said.Williams: They'd just started dating after he'd finished his first few drafts. I was just struck by the questions it posed: What happens to love? How can two people who have such deep affection for each other end up wanting to kill the other person? I remember feeling sick the whole time we shot those later scenes. You can't buy TV ads; your film won't be advertised in certain newspapers.

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Well, if you choose to believe the rumors going around Cannes then you can be certain that Michelle and co-star Ryan are hooking up.

The two were spotted holding hands on the red carpet at the premiere of their movie at Cannes and spies reported that the alleged new couple were spotted getting cozy at the after-party.

Given that this movie hinges on a few days like that, it seems highly appropriate. And he tells me, "I live over there, and I'm going on this date with this girl tomorrow night, to go see a movie." Cut to years later, when I end up living several blocks away from him in Brooklyn, and he's married this woman and they have two kids together. It feels like a genre piece...though I couldn't tell you what genre that is. You both lived in a house for four weeks with your onscreen daughter (Faith Wladyka) as a mock-family prior to shooting the later-years scenes, right? Gosling: I held your hand and you held the flashlight. Why do you think the MPAA originally gave an NC-17 rating? I mean, look, no one from the movie was saying that kids under 17 should be seeing this movie.

Gosling: So this was before Derek met Shannon [Plumb, his wife]? Williams: The relationship-slowly-deteriorates thriller... Gosling: I mean, you hear about ] I don't think we could have done those scenes without that sense of trust. But a lot of people don't realize what an NC-17 rating means to a smaller film.

With a two-way lingering look, Ryan began to whistle pretending he didn't hear the question whilst looking over at Michelle who was grinning ear-to-ear.

The Notebook star then put his arm around the blonde actress and took it upon himself to shake her head side-to-side to indicate a 'no' answer.They have both recently starred in a movie together, and are the picture of happiness when snapped side-by-side.For months Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have been insisting that their relationship is an innocent friendship, but in a recent interview the pair acted mischievous whilst attempting to dodge questions about their status.Watch their reaction, and hear what Ryan has to say about Michelle before the full interview airs tonight on Nightline!So, let’s see if we got this straight: not only is Michelle Williams intelligent, talented, and incredibly beautiful, she is also hooking up with the insanely hot Ryan Gosling?You can see a short clip from the movie below, and decide for yourself whether their chemisty is just good acting, or perhaps something more.

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