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So that can obviously lead into things more romantic.” Rihanna and A$AP Rocky had a late night together — filming the music video for their song, “Work,” well into the morning on August 15 — and with everything that went on in the steamy video shoot, it’s no wonder they couldn’t turn off the magic after the cameras stopped rolling!

The two stars are playing each other’s romantic interest in the video, and they were laughing and flirting with each other throughout the shoot.

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Fresh off the Givenchy runway, Kendall Jenner left her chic hotel in Paris wearing a shredded white T shirt, black choker, a red plaid button up shirt and Re/Done denim short shorts with kinky boots. It always has a supermodel edge that only Kendall can bring.

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are playing lovers for their upcoming music video, “Work,” but it seems their chemistry is just too much for the small screen!

Standing outside of a corner store, Rihanna and A$AP got super close, cuddling frequently and even making out with each other at one point!

“Scenes in the video included two different clothing boutiques interior shots.

Photographers snapped the two performers making out on August 15, and apparently there’s a lot more of that going on behind closed doors, a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

Ever since 24-year-old rapper A$AP Rocky opened for Rihanna, 25, on her “Diamonds” tour from March to May, rumors that the two are hooking up and/or dating have been swirling — and now we know there’s some truth to them.

“Rihanna is not Mother Theresa, she is more Mother Fu**er. Just look at all her photos she posts,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

“There is no dating relationship happening between the two, but they are definitely sleeping with each other.

Then they came out arm-in-arm and kissed,” an eyewitness tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY. A$AP and his boys were catcalling as Rihanna walked in. Cameras stopped rolling.” But that’s not all — Rihanna and A$AP were hanging out and drinking on set after the shoot, and “they got closer, laughing and whispering, and then they made out,” the eyewitness says.

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