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Najeeb Halaby also had a private-sector career, serving as CEO of Pan American World Airways from 1969 to 1972. He was a Christian and had been a provincial treasurer (magistrate) in the Ottoman Empire. His wife Almas and remaining children joined him in the United States in 1894.The Halabys had two children following Lisa; a son, Christian, and a younger daughter, Alexa. He died three years later, leaving his teenage sons, Habib, and Najeeb (her paternal grandfather), to run his import business.

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He served as United States Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Truman administration, before being appointed by John F. Najeeb Halaby died shortly afterward, and his estate was unable to continue the new enterprise.

Kennedy to head the Federal Aviation Administration. Merchant Stanley Marcus, however, recalled that in the mid-1920s, Halaby opened Halaby Galleries, a rug boutique and interior-decorating shop, at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas, and ran it with his Texas-born wife, Laura Wilkins (1889–1987, later Mrs. According to research done in 2010 for the PBS series Faces of America by Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., of Harvard University, her great-grandfather, Elias Halaby, came to New York around 1891, one of the earliest Syrian immigrants to the United States.

Behind the scenes, Noor's involvement in politics was sometimes criticized by fundamentalists.

In 1984, she supported her husband when he criticized the Americans for their one-sided commitment to Israel, while Americans criticized her for siding with the Jordanians.

She became increasingly interested in the Middle East and immediately accepted a job offer from a British architectural firm that had been employed to redesign Tehran, Iran. She thought about earning a master's degree in journalism and starting a career in television production.

However, she accepted a job offer from the Managing Director of Arab Air Services, W. Arab Air Services was founded by her father, who was commissioned by the Jordanian government to redesign their airlines.Najeeb moved to Dallas around 1910 and fully assimilated into American society.then went on to graduate from Concord Academy in Massachusetts.Eventually, she left Arab Air and accepted a job with Alia airlines to become Director of Facilities Planning and Design of the airline he founded.In 1977, while working for Royal Jordanian Airlines, she attended various high-profile social events as the Director of Facilities Planning and Design.She entered Princeton University with its first coeducational freshman class, and received a BA in architecture and urban planning in 1973.

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