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Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had problems with getting dates while having the skin condation psoriasis?

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'PUVA is a form of photolight therapy, which is very effective for many patients, but has to be used sparingly because - like most light therapies - there is an increased risk of cancer.

'Cyclosporine is used to prevent rejection in transplant surgery and works really well because it suppresses the immune response, but it has been linked to kidney damage and can cause raised blood pressure.' Methotrexate, an anti- cancer drug, has been shown to be effective, but it can be toxic to the liver.

Many find themselves excluded from social circles because of the belief that psoriasis is infectious in some way, which it is not.

Sufferers may be embarrassed to do normal activities such as swimming because it exposes their psoriasis.

Not only is Amevive the first drug developed for psoriasis, it also holds out the hope of long-term remission from the disease.

Many patients find that existing treatments are only short-lived before having to be repeated.

my mom used to suffer with very bad psoriasis around her elbows and i remember she used some remedy years ago and it cleared it up. check them out....psoriasis is usually a sign of excessive internal heat. The 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids is important in preventing heart disease and promoting heart health.

i will ask her about this when she arrives back.ur intertested in it anyway, worth a help with the dating but have you tried any of the following for the condition: Borage seed oil - it contain GLA and can be used internally and externally. The same ratio is thought to be helpful in alleviating the symptoms of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and ezcema.

Hemp ( ruderallis ) oil will help, drug strain cannabis oil would be more effective if you can get it.

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