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Or, heaven forbid, you choose the picture of you and your ex…At Cupid’s Cronies, we’ve seen it all — the good, the bad, and the just plain un-photogenic.Stop the fuss, and allow us to take care of your photos!

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The photos you present in your profile should be of professional quality.

However, the photographs shouldn't look like they were taken by a professional. People who visit dating sites prefer to see the natural you rather than a photograph similar to those you often receive when you visit your local mall or department store photographer.

As a portrait photographer, I have over a decade of experience with online dating sites and the kinds of photographs that are likely to create the greatest amount of interaction with other members.

I've even been interviewed about how to have amazing online dating photos in national publications like Thrillest.

But is that really what your opposite is going to see when you meet for the first time?

I know that many people who approach online dating might think to themselves, “but when they meet me in person, I’m sure they’re going to overlook all of my flaws.” And although that’s theoretically possible, it’s extremely unlikely that would happen.It’s really easy to hide things about people in photographs.In just a few minutes I can make someone look 20 pounds lighter and give them perfect skin.It’s far more likely that you’ll disappoint the person that you’re meeting and have a less-than-perfect first date. When picking photographs for your online dating photos, I don’t think that the rules are different for men than they are for women.Every dating profile, for men or women, should include a minimum of three photographs.We can also provide a makeup artist and a hair stylist for an additional charge.

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