Priyanka chopra dating life

We sure like them." In the photo, Chopra is seen pulling the British actor's iconic pointed ears and while many were happy to comment on that, many Indian fans of Chopra assumed the duo is a couple.

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While she may have (temporarily) gotten SRK, Priyanka stands to lose all that she has achieved in Bollywood.

It is up to her to bring her act together and focus on what really matters to her.

Well, all this anger stems from the fact that Priyanka has been getting rather close to SRK. What wife would take kindly to a woman who is out there to get her husband?!

According to insiders, she and SRK are in fact too close for comfort and this is not going down too well with Mrs. There has been round the clock gossip about the fact that both she and SRK have been seen together one too many times, even when both have not been working together.

However, it seems that work commitment wasn’t the only reason to fly back to the United States.

Yes, the man she is dating lives in America and is an American.

So many of these reports were published that some of her ‘friends’ were forced to print an article in a leading daily about how some people were out there to malign Priyanka’s image. And so we have taken it upon us to break this down and try to comprehend why everyone in Bollywood is so angry with Priyanka Chopra.

Housewives of Bollywood lobby that is pretty upset with Priyanka.

Pee Cee’s love interest stays in Los Angeles and if sources are to be believed then at times she didn’t fly down to the United States for Quantico but to meet her beau.

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