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Richard Overy, a historian from King's College London, has criticized the viewpoint held by the Russians, asserting that they refuse to acknowledge Soviet war crimes committed during the war, "Partly this is because they felt that much of it was justified vengeance against an enemy who committed much worse, and partly it was because they were writing the victors' history." Historian Geoffrey Roberts writes that the Red Army raped women in every country they passed through, but mostly in Austria and Germany: 70,000–100,000 rapes in Vienna, and "hundreds of thousands" of rapes in Germany.He notes that the German Army probably committed tens of thousands of rapes on the Eastern Front, but that murder was the more typical crime for them. He explains crimes such as acts of sexual assault as inevitable parts of war, and notes that soldiers in other Allied armies committed them. Decades had to pass until I started feeling pity for them.According to Norman Naimark, French Moroccan troops matched the behavior of Soviet troops when it came to rape, in particular in the early occupation of Baden and Württemberg, providing the numbers are correct.


Kristijan & Mihaela: «Hvala vam za odličan servis za druženje — zaručeni smo i planiramo vjenčanje iduće godine! Nadamo se da svatko ima jednako vjere i sreće u nalaženju ljubavi svog života poput nas.

Ljubav je još živa ovdje ako ste spremni na romansu i točno znate što želite.

West Berliners and women of the wartime generation refer to the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, Berlin, as the "tomb of the unknown rapist" in response to the mass rapes by Red Army soldiers in the years following 1945. On a single day in mid-April 1945, three women in Neustadt were raped by British soldiers.

Hannelore Kohl, the wife of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, had been gang-raped at age 12 by Soviet soldiers in May 1945, according to her biographer. A moaning by the walls, half muffled: the mother's wounded, half alive. A senior British Army chaplain following the troops reported that there was a 'good deal of rape going on'.

According to Oleg Rzheshevsky, a President of the Russian Association of World War II Historians, 4,148 Red Army officers and many soldiers were convicted of atrocities and punished with capital punishment, while only 69 U. However, in general, he says Soviet servicemen treated peaceful Germans with humanity. As most women recoiled from their experiences and had no desire to recount them, most biographies and depictions of the period, like the German film Downfall, alluded to mass rape by the Red Army but stopped shy of mentioning it explicitly.

Makhmut Gareev states that he had not even heard about sexual violence. But after three days one could be court-martialed for doing this. I remember one raped German woman laying naked, with hand grenade between her legs. As time has progressed more works have been produced that have directly addressed the issue, such as the books The 158-Pound Marriage and My Story (1961) by Gemma La Guardia Gluck [reissued as Fiorello's Sister: Gemma La Guardia Gluck's Story (Religion, Theology, and the Holocaust) (2007, Expanded Edition)], The first autobiographical work depicting the events was the groundbreaking 1954 book A Woman in Berlin, which was made into a 2008 feature film.The wartime rapes had been surrounded by decades of silence.According to Antony Beevor, whose books were banned in 2015 from some Russian schools and colleges, NKVD (Soviet secret police) files have revealed that the leadership knew what was happening, including about the rape of Soviet women liberated from labour camps, but did nothing to stop it.On the territory of Nazi Germany, it began on 21 October 1944 when troops of the Red Army crossed the bridge over the Angerapp creek (marking the border) and committed the Nemmersdorf massacre before they were beaten back a few hours later.The majority of the assaults were committed in the Soviet occupation zone; estimates of the numbers of German women raped by Soviet soldiers have ranged up to 2 million.When General Tsygankov, head of the political department of the First Ukrainian Front, reported to Moscow the mass rape of Soviet women deported to East Germany for forced labour, he recommended that the Soviet women be prevented from describing their ordeal on their return to Russia.

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