Otzi the iceman radiocarbon dating consolidating bacterial pneumonia

He was on his way to a conference about his research work.

•Kurt Fritz, 52, mountain guide, who is said to have uncovered the iceman’s face for the first time, got killed in an avalanche.

Furthermore, he had a few body tattoos and some unfinished hunting equipment, which together might support the idea that he was a ritual specialist.

It led to numerous hypotheses regarding how old the man was he when he died, how he died, in what state of health he was when he met his unfortunate end, and above all what he doing there high in the snow-covered Alps.

Also known as the Tyrolean Ice Man, Ötzi was found to be about 45 years old when he died and was discovered equipped with many tools such as a stone axe, an unfinished bow stave, a leather quiver, and a backpack frame made of larch and hazel.

•Dieter Warnecke, 45, head of the rescue team who looked for for Simon’s body, also died of heart attack soon after Simon’s funeral.

•Konrad Spindler, 66, leader of a scientific team who examined the iceman in Innsbruck, Austria, also died.

Pollen found suggests that he died in early autumn, which also matches data gathered from his clothing remains.

His poncho, leggings and shoes were made of goatskin and his cap from bear fur.But, Albert Zink, Head of the EURA Institute for Mummies and the Iceman, Bolzano, says that because the body was found undamaged except for a fatal injury, “Ötzi probably died in the mountains alone.” To know more about Ötzi, you can visit There are many book, periodicals and DVDs out there which explain more about him. Forensic analysis of the Iceman not only pulled back the curtains on a Stone Age murder cover-up, it also showcased just how far back the long arm of modern forensic science can reach. The victim’s body lay undetected for over 5,000 years, and even after it was discovered, it took a decade for scientists to realize they were dealing with a murder victim.According to Mummytombs.com, since Ötzi’s discovery, seven people associated with him have been found dead.

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