Online dating love chat

She has the illusion of a “love life”, when in reality nothing of substance actually exists.

Meeting the men in person is a terrifying option for her because she knows they will most likely quickly realize she is not the outgoing person she portrays herself to be online.

Help is available, but only you can take that first step.

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Love addicts aren’t limited to online dating sites to satisfy their cravings.

Facebook, My Space, and other social networking sites have become another way for them to find a plethora of potential partners.

She loved the attention and felt like she had a thriving social life – even though it was limited to cyber space.

The problem with love addicts like Melissa is that their online interactions become a substitute for real life interactions.

In some cases, it also becomes very expensive if the addict is paying for memberships to multiple dating sites or chat rooms.

Love addicts are often drawn to the Internet because it allows them to create a false persona. Melissa is a fairly quiet, shy woman in her late 30s.

For some individuals, online dating in and of itself can become addicting.

What initially starts out as a fun, new activity becomes an obsession that consumes significant amounts of time.

The disappointment and rejection would be devastating.

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