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After students break off into groups to assess the ethos presented in the profiles they are given and write short descriptions of their candidates, then we discuss their assessments as a group.As a follow up assignment, I ask students to go home and write their own self-summaries to be posted on the class blog.

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I would recommend formatting them into some sort of chart (so as not to impose a vertical hierarchy), but for accessibility's sake, I'll simply post the text here.

Here are the options I gave to the first group:---Bachelor #1Well I’m one of the good guys, a sweet heart that’s only here in hopes to find that awesome someone to share in life's sweat adventures with. Ha They are some strange people out there that much is curtain so lets not think it's only you ladies that get weird messages from people.

For this exercise, you will analyze a person's ethos based on their self-summary.

You'll then play match-maker, deciding amongst four candidates who would make the best match with your bachelor or bachelorette.

Here are some questions to consider: For any of these questions, you will want to provide a specific example/quote/evidence to explain your assessment.

If you have an immediate reaction to the person's profile, try to identify what sparked the reaction.To introduce the concept of ethos in a rhetoric classroom.To introduce students to the implications of online writing and the ways in which our writing reflects a particular image of ourselves to different audiences.Think about word choice, tone, and level of formality.How does this person generate (or fail to generate) goodwill? What is it and why do you think you have that reaction?Should you seek out sample profiles to excerpt, here are my suggestions: There is, perhaps, no clearer instance of an argument based on character than online dating profiles.

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