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And as America awoke this morning, it found itself transformed into the king of beers. This week, we’re turning our attention to B2B brands—and how they’re using verbal strategies to tell more human stories about who they are and what they do.Today, Budweiser announced that starting May 23rd they will henceforth be referred to as America. Back in the day—when shoulder pads abounded and greed was good—the default personality for B2B brands was “big and powerful.” They had functional, impersonal, proudly corporate names like IBM, SAP, Qualcomm.

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All proceeds benefit Susan’s Place, a NYC-based transitional residence for homeless women. If you think about it, the union between brand America and brand Budweiser could not be more perfect. Brand architecture should reflect the decisions consumers make when deciding what to buy.

And here are photos from my #Period Projects experience: Continue Reading May 10, 2016 — Rachel Bernard “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” —The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka It’s morning in America, folks. So let’s look at this portfolio from the perspective of actual (or aspiring) dog owners and the questions in their minds as they shop. Apartment dogs Photo courtesy of Pinterest Subset – New York City apartment dogs (aka, have enough head room to clear an Ikea coffee table) Photo courtesy of Izismile Townhouse dog Photo courtesy of Rssing Suburban dogs Photo courtesy of Areawoods [...] Continue Reading February 22, 2016 — Kent Lam Last week in our series of 2016 predictions, we took a look at coming trends in technology naming.

The pop-up shop brings to life the brand mission in a tangible way, and the shelves were lined with our anti-stereotype package designs. Continue Reading February 23, 2016 — Maryann Stump Every year the Westminster Dog Show provides an opportunity to see the vast portfolio of dogs the canine species has to offer.

See more about how these cool, colorful designs came to be here. From a brand perspective there’s a problem though – the brand portfolio architecture is stuck in the 1880s.

Alcala is a former photographer and a one-time dating-show contestant, sometimes known as the “Dating Game Killer,” who has been behind bars since 1979.

“48 Hours” investigated the murders in the episode, “The Killing Game.”But authorities have continued to voice concerns that Alcala may have killed others.

The Period Shop was inspired by a Tumblr post from a young woman, Sarah M., who partnered with U by Kotex to make her vision a reality on 5th Avenue in NYC. Sporting Photo courtesy of USA Today Working Photo courtesy of PBS Hound Photo courtesy of Fox 5 San Diego Herding Photo courtesy of US News Toy Photo courtesy of Forbes What’s wrong with this list?

Part celebration, part proclamation, The Period Shop is proof that, together, we can change how we think about, talk about, and shop for periods. Both have moved their manufacturing bases overseas. It’s not nice to call your best friend a toy, for one thing. Most importantly, this is not how people shop for a dog.

Following his 2010 conviction, Huntington Beach Police investigators publicly released a series of photographs of women that was found in Alcala’s Seattle storage locker in 1979, in the hopes of identifying other potential victims.

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