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Step 4Once you have gathered all the image URL's you would like removed, fill out this form. You will receive a confirmation email once we have deleted the image(s).

Until Google updates its search index to reflect the recent change, links to the profile and images will still be available.

Links to deleted content will return an invalid page error.

Fix: If you do not see the tray icon, you do not have Dropbox installed on your computer.

You should reinstall the Dropbox desktop application.

Google will crawl a website to index image and page URL’s updating those results to their search engine.

Myspace has a high Google search rank so there’s a possibility that your profile will show up in Google search if it’s public.

Image CDN Link's In order to assist with your request we will require the CDN links for the images you need removed. Step 1Go to the Google Search Results Step 2Click on the Image that is still appearing on Myspace Step 3There should be two options, Visit page and View Image.

Select View Image to see if the image is still active on Myspace. The URL should look similar to the one in the image below: If you select View Image and you are directed to a 404 error page, you can submit your request to Google to have the images removed from their search results. Select Visit page to see if the profile is still active.

If you've verified that antivirus or security software is not interfering with your sync process, move on to step 13.

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