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Monica Geller (born April 22, 1969) is a fictional character on the popular U. television sitcom Friends (1994–2004), played by Courteney Cox.Monica was known as the "Mother Hen" of the group and her Greenwich Village apartment was one of the group's main gathering places. Monica is Ross's younger sister, and the daughter of Jack and Judy Geller. She had a slightly difficult childhood, characterized by the bickering which took place between her and her brother (some culminating in memorable events such as the Geller Cup, which took place every Thanksgiving).

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Since 1975, the Museum has collected and preserved the history, art and culture of the Santa Monica Bay Area.

Many of the Museum's historical photographs can be viewed online.

The library provides historical materials and information to teachers, students, scholars, publishers, the media and a host of others, and responds to queries (several thousand a year) for information on a daily basis from people, organizations and the media locally, nationally and internationally.

In November 1890, Santa Monica town trustees accepted a donation of 800 books, forming the foundation for the nascent town library.

Since those humble beginnings, the library has grown to become a system of five locations and over 400,000 volumes in the collections.

Santa Monica Public Library offers a wide variety of programs for people of all ages and engages in a lively online presence.On December 10, Elfie Mosse was appointed City Librarian. (now Santa Monica Blvd.) and Third Street, two rooms in the Bank of Santa Monica building were set aside for the library.For the first 14 years, Elfie Mosse was the only staff, and she would lead the library until 1939.While she is kind, caring and friendly, Monica is perhaps most notorious for her obsessive cleanliness (classifying places by cleanliness, where 'Monica-clean' is even cleaner than 'Health-Department-clean').She is also known to talk abnormally loudly (such as in The One With The Apothecary Table) and for her bossiness and unnatural organizational skills (such as The One On The Last Night). Aside from being a neat-freak, Monica can also be bossy and somewhat competitive, hating to lose in competitions.Much has changed in 125 years, but the tradition of service remains our cornerstone.

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