Microsoft dhcp is not updating dns

Hi, I am having DC on which DHCP and DNS is configured , the issue is PTR records are not getting created in the one of the revese lookup zone . Especially considering you are in one zone and ad intergrated.When if i am creating the HOST A record MANUALLY then PTR record gets created for the associated HOST A record. Dynamically updates DNS A and PTR records only if requested by the DHCP clients -- is checked Dicard A and PTR records when lease is delete --- is checked. If you were primary/secondary then zone transfers would come into play.There was no group policy which was pushed to the client machine.8.

BUt when i am selecting the "USe this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" then PTR records getting created in reverse lookup. One more update when i tried the below for testing purpose then it works but it should be SECURE ONLY.. Tried "Allow secure and non-secure updates as a test to see if that resolves the issue"you check to make sure on a problem machine the dhcp client service is running?????????????????????????????? Assume that you have created a dedicated user account and configured DHCP servers with the account credentials.

But by default " Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration " is not select in any of the mahcines. Each DHCP server will supply these credentials when it registers names on behalf of DHCP clients that are using DNS dynamic update.

Rebooted the machine in safe mode with networking and then tried registering its ip address it failed.7.

We checked if there was any group policy being pushed which restrict the machine from registering its ip address in the DNS server.

MS's recommendation assumes in tcp/ip properties of the workstation that "register this connections addresses in dns" is checked. Last I heard that was not a microsoft recommendation."This configuration is not designed to reflect best practices, nor does it reflect a recommended configuration for a production network"from here

Was ms tech support aware of your split scope when you consulted with them? If so have you checked the problem workstation for the checkbox is enabled to update the dns records? Hello Wanderer, Yes it is SET as MS said to set Are you still not getting PTR records created?Did you check to make sure the DHCP CLient service was running on the workstation? The config only works if the workstation makes the requests. You keep changing things on the server, you will muddy the waters and never get the issue solved or know what solved it.started mode only? Hello Wanderer, thanks for your all help here as you suggested I logged a case with MS again for the same, so while troubleshooting what they observed that there was one special account for DNS created which was disabled ; I was not aware of that as that was created by my counter part , then i thought that was intentionally disabled.Here i would like to update you that i checked the DNS settings on workstation and what i observed that when "Register the connection's address in DNS" is CHECKED then PTR record not getting created register. You have two configs, one server centric and one workstation centric. But MS mentioned that should not be disabled as that was used for authentication while using the Dynamic Registration. Nothing special , A dedicated user account is a user account whose sole purpose is to supply DHCP servers with credentials for DNS dynamic update registrations.Because of which the client was not registering its record in the DNS.13.Asked the customer to select the option “Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records only if requested by the DHCP clients” and restarted the DHCP service.14.So lets review; MS said to set as you have it set now. NO that fixes my earlier issue with the HOST A records but not this.

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