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I know a lot comedians, male and female, and after actually dating a one myself; I find the majority to be good people.posted an article called “Here’s to the LOLs: The Perils of Dating and Dumping Comedians.” The article got my goat so to speak and I sent this rebuttal to the editor which they did not post.

Are we too small in number for out experiences to count or is it because we’re undatable?

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I understand the standards and laws of the community to which I am viewing/transporting this material, and am solely responsible for my actions.Occasionally and audience member has come up to me and said “You’re really funny, and I don’t usually don’t think women are funny.” And yes there still are men in the business who hold that archaic attitude.But among among my peers who are all trying hard to make it, they have never NEVER treated me like a second class citizen.I understand this site is not responsible for any site or the contents of any site it may link to.All Material Contained within this website is ©1999-2014 Your privacy is important to us.Last night I had a show (actually at the Knitting Factory as well) and got up as a new young comedian tried out a new set and in the audience sat the man I’m dating.

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