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Since, generally, Muslims do not “date” in the popular Western cultural sense, many couples look to arranged marriages as a means to wedded bliss.

The expectation is that the seed for love is planted and will continue to bloom after the marriage.

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What parents often do not realize is in wanting to keep their kinships intact, they are destroying their own children.

Other reasons include a perverted notion of “family honor”, ensuring land, property and wealth remain within the family, preventing relationships considered to be “unsuitable” for example outside a specific ethnic, racial group, helping relatives or caste/tribe members with residency and citizenship issues, controlling unwanted behavior and sexuality (including perceived or real promiscuity, or worries that their offspring is gay), and to provide a caretaker for a person with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Desai, since Islām does not allow a minor to conduct business or make financial decisions for himself or herself, a marital contract of a minor falls under the same premise.

However Islām does not give a father the right to use his children's wealth without their permission, so how can he be allowed to decide, without the daughter's permission, how her body (which is more important than her wealth) is to be used, specially when she disagrees.

They love you, take care of you, your mother carried you in her womb for months, nursed you, cried at your every pain.

Your father worked days and nights to provide for you.

Among the rights of our parents is that we obey them but this obedience is not blind, deaf and dumb.

A is a spiritual contract and you can not have a contract when one of the parties or both of the parties have not committed their body and soul to the other for the sake of God. Why do parents do force their offspring into an unwanted marriage?

According to the Ḥanafi school of thought, the contract is dependent upon the woman's acceptance.

If she gives her consent then it is valid, otherwise she may annul it.

Before any potential candidates are considered, families as a unit decide the values and characteristics that potential spouses should have so the couple have a satisfying life together.

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