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Employees unable or unwilling to go on direct deposit will likely notify their employer immediately.If they make this request, employers can also point them to electronic options such as debit cards.For years, Michigan employers hoping to do away with traditional paper paychecks have asked whether they could require employees to receive their pay via direct deposit or payroll debit cards and for years, the answer was "no." That changed on December 21, 2010, when the State of Michigan adopted modifications to the Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act.

Some prospective employees may be credit challenged and unable to qualify for an institution to have their wages directly deposited.

Employers who do use the direct deposit method of paying wages should be aware that doing so doesn´t change the strict deadlines for paying an employee´s final wages upon termination.

Before requiring an employee, as a condition of employment, to go on direct deposit employers should consult with an employment attorney.

The Agency or a court may conclude, for public policy reasons, that making direct deposit mandatory is improper even at the pre-employment stage.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money order, negotiable checks, and direct deposit into an institution whose deposits are insured by the It is entirely up to the employer to pay or not to pay some or all of its employees by direct deposit.

Therefore, the employer may select any legal form of payment, so long as payment is made in full on the designated payday, subject to authorized deductions and legal withholdings.

Employees must now proactively opt out of direct deposit.

Employees can opt out of direct deposit verbally or in writing.

The employer may take no longer than 1 pay period to implement the change after receiving the employee’s request and the necessary information.

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