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Changning (长宁区; Chángníngqū) Hongqiao International Airport sits here in addition to the Shanghai Zoo.

Changning is a very large, residential district but in recent years has seen more commercial and entertainment hubs develop, especially the area around Zhongshan Park.

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Shanghai was the largest and most prosperous city in the Far East during the 1930s.

In the past 20 years it has again become an attractive city for tourists from all over the world.

The most basic division of the area is Puxi (浦西 Pǔxī) West of the river, versus Pudong (浦东 Pǔdōng), East of the river.

Both terms can be used in a general sense for everything on their side of the river, but are often used in a much narrower sense where Puxi is the older (since the 19th century) central part of the city and Pudong the mass of new high-rise development across the river since the 1980s.

The Bund (外滩 Wàitān) The colonial riverside of old Shanghai, has dozens of historical buildings lining the Huangpu River, which once housed numerous foreign banks and trading houses.

The riverfront walkway has recently undergone a major reconstruction and reopened to the public in March 2010.Huangpu excluding the Old City (黄浦区; Huángpǔqū) The traditional hub of Shanghai, home to People's Square, People's Park, the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, City Hall, and the city's largest metro station, underneath a large underground shopping mall.Adjacent to People's Square is the East Nanjing Road pedestrian mall.As a contemporary hybrid of market research, culinary, advertising and packaging experts, we are helping launch the next generation of food with better taste, nutrition and engagement.Shanghai (上海 Shànghǎi) , with a population of more than 23 million (with over 9 million migrants), is the largest and traditionally the most developed metropolis in Mainland China.Jing'an District (静安区; Jìngānqū) Home to Jing'an Temple, this area has been continuously inhabited since the 3rd century AD.

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