Malan liquidating

“When Paul Zacks was appointed as CEO in May he immediately identified the financial difficulties that WP Rugby was facing and the potential pitfalls that some of the existing commercial contracts contained.

This firm has a history of implementing the affirmative action policy and has assisted several members from previous disadvantaged communities by training them and assisting them to establish themselves in the law profession.

Western Province Rugby’s financial meltdown continues as it applies for bankruptcy.

Aerios is claiming more than R72m from WP Rugby, after a dispute over the sponsorship contract between WP Rugby and headline sponsor DHL which happened without the consent of Aerios, the holder of the commercial rights of the union.

Efforts to mend bridges with Aerios have failed, and now WP Rugby has taken the extreme step of applying for provisional liquidation.

Shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Investments seeking to achieve higher returns also involve a higher degree of risk. Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing.With the help of my colleague and with his expertise in the business world … I can assure you thought we won’t see the effects immediately, but we will come back to you.” Wakefield said he was not in a position to discuss any of these turnaround strategies at this stage, but that November would be a “busy month”. “You might also ask me about the involvement of the former CEO and how much the board of directors are to blame for this situation,” he said.“All I want to say on this matter is that i have a very comprehensive CV of the new CEO of WP Rugby.“We’ve done our level best, as we would with any other business partner.

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