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Once you have connected love, visualize yourself doing something loving to the person you love. Walk hand in hand, go for a dance, sit across for some ice cream, love each other, hug each other – you may even kiss each other.

Is there any gesture that is distinctively his/hers? Now, picture your healthy heart connected to his/her heart. A rope, chain, satin ribbon – it can be just anything. The goal is to connect love to love, so a sense of energy flows between you both.

Your heart is not only healthy now it even feels alive.

Imagine the shining light flow into your heart and reach it’s every nook and corner. Picture the person you love or whom you desire the most. And if ever you feel that love is beginning to fade, go through the visualization again. About Author Pradeep Aggarwal is a renowned Hypnosis & NLP guru with career spanning two and half decades He is also a much sought after speaker and peak performance consultant for Sports Teams and organizations.

Bring him/her closer to at the most five feet away from you.

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