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Before the war, his cousin Roman Bellic decides to settle in the United States in order to lead a new life in Liberty City, and frequently offers Niko the opportunity to come join him.

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Faustin kills the henchman interrogating Niko and shoots Roman in the stomach for screaming too loudly.

After being released, Faustin reveals that he hated Vlad Glebov and actually approves of Niko for killing him, admitting that "The only reason I keep him around is because I fuck his sister".

Although Niko denies the accusations, Bulgarin refuses to believe him and he is too powerful to argue with, so Niko joins the merchant navy in order to flee from Bulgarin.

He spends the following seven months at sea in the Atlantic Ocean, befriending the crew of the Platypus and contemplating Roman's requests for him to come to Liberty City.

Niko Bellic is a fictional character and the playable protagonist of Rockstar North's 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV, also featuring as a supporting character in its episodic content The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, all of which are published by Rockstar Games.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko Bellic is portrayed as a war veteran from Eastern Europe who moves to Liberty City, a fictional city based on New York City, to search for the man who betrayed his military unit many years ago, while also reuniting with his cousin after almost a decade.

Faustin gives Niko work as a hired gun, but eventually orders him to kill the son of a rival Russian mafia don, Kenny Petrović.

After killing Petrović's son, Dimitri sets up Niko to assassinate Faustin, under the promise of protection from Kenny Petrović to prove that the death should be blamed on Mikhail and that Niko was just a hired gun.

Faustin tells Niko that neither he or Dimitri will survive in America without him, and that the greed of Liberty City takes over everyone.

Niko executes Faustin, but not before he is warned that Dimitri will betray him.

From this he learns that there are two other survivors, Florian Cravic and Darko Brevic.

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