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There are 78 yards in front of the home team, whose crowd is roaring at jet-fighter-afterburner decibels.

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Down the home stretch, Jax lost by a field goal, then by a touchdown, then by less than a touchdown.

San Francisco was eliminated by a six-point defeat, Atlanta was eliminated by a seven-point defeat.

nominates Chelsea of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, a student at George Mason University.

According to her team bio, Chelsea had to stop cheering for a year because she tore her ACL.

That must give her empathy with the Redskins' locker room! 1: With La Dainian Tomlinson and Philip Rivers on the sideline resting, things were getting a little sweaty for San Diego, which led Arizona 27-20 at the two-minute warning and faced second-and-2 on its 31.

The Bolts needed to win to clinch the first seed, and Schottenheimer did not want to send his stars back into the back.

By Gregg Easterbrook Special to Page 2Now that the regular season is over, it's time to start lining up excuses.

The excuse Tuesday Morning Quarterback does not want to hear is, "We had a lot of close losses." Everybody in the National Football League has a lot of close losses!

The NFC postseason entrants were a combined 10-14 versus the AFC.

Anybody care to guess which conference will win the Super Bowl?

At that point, the only way Denver could have failed to gain the postseason was by giving the ball back to San Francisco with some time left on the clock. But you can't help feeling Barber's two months of retirement talk have been a factor in the Giants' swoon.

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