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“Gina was hoping Henry would stay grounded with the whirlwind around him, but she fears it’s going to his head…all he’s talking about now is making a Superman sequel and winning the coveted starring role in ’50 Shades of Grey’.” “Gina asked Henry point-blank: ‘should I be looking for a way out of this relationship? He said he spent more than 10 years as an actor when nobody knew who he was, and now he needs to ride this fame train and see where it goes.”, print edition] I thought this story was plausible up until the part about 50 Shades of Grey.But what would happen if Henry dumped Gina and found himself a more Hollywood-friendly significant other? And The Enquirer says that Gina and Henry are in trouble too, because Gina is having a hard time with Henry’s new-found mega-fame: Henry Cavill may have a supersize problem on his hands – his girlfriend Gina Carano isn’t happy about sharing him with the world.

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And if he’s asked to take the role, he should turn it down flat. considering Gina was nowhere to be seen during the Man of Steel promotions, I was thinking that she and Henry had already worked it out and she was prepared for this ride.

I think she waited patiently for him to return home after his exhausting promotional tour.

He later appeared in minor and supporting roles in television shows such as BBC's The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Midsomer Murders and The Tudors, then transitioned to mainstream Hollywood films such as Tristan & Isolde, Stardust and Immortals.

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You can check out the pictures HERE — but be warned, the photos are quite disturbing.

Given the pair's vastly different interests, we're not sure how long the relationship will last!!

Didn’t Henry just say in a magazine interview that he has no interest in playing Christian Grey?

And this is a guy who has really struggled to be where he is right now – he’s not going to make the terrible decision of actually going after the Christian Grey role.

READ MORE Henry Cavill may be moving on from Kaley Cuoco with another ex-girlfriend, Gina Carano. READ MORE It won't be a surprise to see Henry Cavill and Gina Carano in the "Man of Steel 2" sequel, and fans would like to see the couple star together and be witness to their on-and-off-screen chemistry.

The “Man of Steel” star and his ex were seen sharing a cozy meal and plenty of red wine in Rome, where Cavill is currently filming “Man from U. READ MORE Henry Cavill dished new details about life with his girlfriend Gina Carano, who could star in "Man of Steel 2" and also be a potential Ana Steele contender if her man is Christian Grey in the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie cast.

However, the media and fan backlash that followed was swift and unrelenting, and I have a feeling that Henry faced a lot of pressure to dump his new girlfriend.

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