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Interested people need only to find when this seminar series will be in a metropolitan city near them, and then they can register for any available seats.

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BUT I wanted to get a understanding of what happens behind the scenes and how to be successful with making offers, working contracts, finding good tenants and eventually selling properties for top dollar.

I know they can't show all this in a 22 or 46-minute show so I paid for the training. But if you want to meet the El Moussas, don't waste your money. When I first started the Success Path program I was nervous and concerned about the lack of interaction from the El Moussas.

Some websites are selling training materials to a legitimate at home business, but doing it in an unethi Two of the three owners of this company are attorneys and there are many LLCs under their umbrella. What I have learned is to never believe that anything is free, even if it is in writing and endorsed by popular celebrities.

Hi Sarah, We are so sorry you had such a poor experience with our company.

You work with the instructors for 8 hours each day on learning the materials.

They start the first day by taking questions anyone has - so if you are an experienced investor and have questions about taxes, liens, etc.We never want anyone to feel a "victim" or leave an event feeling like their time wasn't worth it. Thank you, Janine Right now I am sitting at the Investor's Summit in Las Vegas, NV.Today we will be meeting and listening to Tarek and Christina on a panel. With that aside, I'm proud of my decision to invest in the Success Path program.It doesn't surprise me to read here that there is another up-sell at the end of the 3-day course.While the free seminar was indeed well-done and motivational, I couldn't justify spending K just to find out if the information would be useful.It seems you are more of a at-home learner which is great! They truly know their stuff and aren't just hosts on TV.

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