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A business can track subscribers via analytics, bounce messages, un-subscribes, click-throughs, etc.

These can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and correlates sales with marketing.

So now you can start with email, and then connect with people to drive business in new ways, like live events, trackable coupons, online surveys, and more.

The Arch Deluxe was nothing short of a marketing disaster.

If you’re a business with no lead capture and follow-up email marketing system in place, imagine all the sales you’re losing!

Choose Your Package Get a beautiful, niche specific and high converting lead capture page with pre-written autoresponder messages.

I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you.

81% of all sales happens on or after the fifth contact.

Our email tracking tools tell you who's opening, clicking, and sharing your emails and social posts in real time, so you can plan your next steps.

98% of Constant Contact emails hit customers' inboxes. Our PLUS features give you the power to extend your marketing beyond the inbox.

Every moment that passes by may be another lost sale. Download My Online Dating Lead Capture and 12 Follow-Up Email Messages Package, and see it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. Get this package NOW and have your own lead capture and follow-up email marketing system in just minutes!

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