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Members of the Movement include individuals and families affected by mental health problems, health care providers, activists, decision makers and researchers worldwide.

For the most recent membership figures, click to both individuals and organisations that join its thousands of members, including possibilities for networking, knowledge sharing, joining national and international campaigning, news updates and participation in a bi-annual summit.

But they were welcomed by Phil Robertson, Deputy Director of the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW) a monitoring group.

He told : “It’s refreshing to see this senior UN official in Bangladesh speak truth to power about what is happening in Rakhine state now, even if it did spark a sadly nonsensical reply from the Myanmar government.

One of these refugees was farmer Deen Mohammad, who told AFP: "They (Myanmar's military) took my two boys, aged nine and 12 when they entered my village.

I don't know what happened to them." "They took women in rooms and then locked them from inside.

Mr Robertson continued: "It’s time for the Myanmar government to urgently allow access for a new, UN assisted investigation to take place into the torching of villages and serious rights abuses now occurring in parts of Maungdaw township – and be prepared to hold the perpetrators accountable." An attack killing nine Burmese government border guards, by suspected Rohingya militants, in October led to the “collective punishment” of the minority group, the UNHCR's Mr Mc Kissick said.

While the Burmese authorities insist the military operation is aimed at routing out militants, Rohingya who have made it out of Rakhine into Bangladesh say government troops have been killing and burning down villages.

Up to 50 women and girls of our village were tortured and raped." Access to journalists and aid workers has been blocked, preventing the outside world from knowing what is really going on in Rakhine.

However, HRW has released satellite imagery which it said showed the razing of Rohingya villages in the state.

Additional features include the African wild dogs, meerkats, spectacled bears, lemurs, red pandas, river otters and the Wonders of the Wetlands area where visitors can observe a bald eagle and various other plants and animals that call these fragile areas home. The red barn is filled with friendly domestic animals such as llamas, goats and donkeys.

The Winter Fantasy Laser Show is a compilation of five upbeat classic holiday songs accompanied by a holiday themed laser display in the Benedum Theater. View Schedule The Benedum Theater features a variety of programs about nature and the universe as well as exciting holiday laser shows during the Festival of Lights.

"No one should forget either that that the Myanmar military conducted similar security sweeps and committed atrocities against the Rohingya in 19, driving hundreds of thousands of Rohingya into Bangladesh in both instances." The Rohingya people are a Muslim minority and have their own language.

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